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Why EssaysinHealth?

As the name implies, EssaysinHealth is a platform that is dedicated to showcasing  ‘essays in health’. In other words, on essaysinhealth.com, one can find various written articles, news items and other information on health and allied matters, cutting across different parts of the globe.

Furthermore, at EssaysinHealth, meanings are given to technical information in peer review journals for the consumption of the general population.

Articles written for academic audiences are explained in layman’s terms. Complex technical information, statistical analyses and results are broken down to plain language for the understanding of health workers, policy makers and indeed the general population.

EssaysinHealth is strictly dedicated to health affairs. Inexperienced internet users will not get lost while sieving through the gamut of information on health.

Likewise, experienced users of the internet will find the website relevant in enriching their knowledge to better lead their lives and help others.

Professionals in health and healthcare will find information herein useful in their practice to better enrich the experience of their patients.

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