Marijuana surprisingly linked to high sperm concentrations

A new study has found that those who ever smoked marijuana have higher sperm concentrations than those who never did. However, findings from the study must be interpreted cautiously as the study findings still need further investigations. Continue Reading

Maternal Deaths in America: Incredibly disturbing – Melinda Gates

In United States of America, there is a disturbing trend in maternal deaths, and this has caught the attention of Bill and Melinda Gates who intend to give it a mention in their 2019 Annual Letter – the 11th in the series. Continue Reading

Determinants of government spending on health in Africa.

A new study has concluded that in Africa, an understanding of individual country socio-political contexts is critical in stimulating domestic government spending on health. Continue Reading

Renewed efforts to take Malaria Control back on track launched by WHO

The World Health Organisation and Partners have launched a new country-led response to tackle malaria, especially in Africa. Continue Reading