Policy Advocacy for Traditional Births Attendants Registration/Regulation/Supportive Supervision in Africa

Marius Adeniyi

It is, therefore, necessary that TBAs are repeatedly trained and retrained, encouraged, supervised, regulated and enabled to play a role in improving maternal health in Africa pending when the health system is repositioned to attain skilled care in pregnancy and labor for all women. Continue Reading

World Breastfeeding Week: WHO advocates for more commitment as 6 out of 10 children not exclusively breastfed in 2018

Globally and for one week, the attention of the world will focus on breastfeeding from 1st to 7th August 2019 in the annual celebration of World Breastfeeding Week . Continue Reading

Trump election associated with increased preterm deliveries among Latinas in US – Study

A new study led by researchers at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has revealed an association between the election of President Trump in 2016 and preterm births among Latina mothers in the US. Continue Reading

Maternal Deaths in America: Incredibly disturbing – Melinda Gates

In United States of America, there is a disturbing trend in maternal deaths, and this has caught the attention of Bill and Melinda Gates who intend to give it a mention in their 2019 Annual Letter – the 11th in the series. Continue Reading


Interventions against pneumonia and diarrhoea down – study

It is important that one intervention against childhood killer diseases must not be scaled down because of another. Comprehensive, holistic interventions are the strategies diseases of childhood can be adequately addressed. Continue Reading

Immunisation Team Leader Diverts Vaccines in Sokoto, Arrested

It is unthinkable that a trained health worker, and a leader of an immunization team diverted vaccines meant to serve the populace. Continue Reading