570 000 New Cases Of Cervical Cancer Could Be Prevented Annually In Less Developed Countries With HPV Vaccine

Human papillomavirus infections have been implicated in almost in all cases of cervical cancers. But cervical cancers do not have to happen as HPV infections can be prevented with HPV vaccine. Continue Reading

Oral Antibiotic Use May Increase Your Risk Of Bowel Cancer – Study

Researchers have found an increased association between oral antibiotic use and risks of bowel cancer. Continue Reading


Consumption of sugary drinks and 100% fruit juices increase cancer risks, a new study finds.

Researchers have found that large amount of sugar in fruit juices have the potential to increase the risk of developing all cancers among users. Continue Reading

Cancer deaths surpass those of malaria and HIV/AIDS combined – Experts

Every year, the attention of the world focuses on cancer on the 4th of February. The theme for the year 2019, which marks the beginning of a three-year campaign is entitled: “I am and I will”. It is a pointer to the power inherent in how individual commitments today can shape the future of cancer prevention, detection and treatment. Continue Reading

False positive mammography screening results associated with higher risks of breast cancer – Study

First or second false positive breast cancer screening tests are associated with higher risks of screen-detected and interval breast cancers in women, a new study shows. Continue Reading