Primary Health Care: What, Why and Whither?

Dr. Marius Adeniyi_Primary Health Care

In this piece, Dr. Marius O. Adeniyi writes on the challenges of primary health care and way forward. Continue Reading

Policy Advocacy for Traditional Births Attendants Registration/Regulation/Supportive Supervision in Africa

Marius Adeniyi

It is, therefore, necessary that TBAs are repeatedly trained and retrained, encouraged, supervised, regulated and enabled to play a role in improving maternal health in Africa pending when the health system is repositioned to attain skilled care in pregnancy and labor for all women. Continue Reading

570 000 New Cases Of Cervical Cancer Could Be Prevented Annually In Less Developed Countries With HPV Vaccine

Human papillomavirus infections have been implicated in almost in all cases of cervical cancers. But cervical cancers do not have to happen as HPV infections can be prevented with HPV vaccine. Continue Reading

Oral Antibiotic Use May Increase Your Risk Of Bowel Cancer – Study

Researchers have found an increased association between oral antibiotic use and risks of bowel cancer. Continue Reading

The more you eat…, the more your chances of dying from cancers.

There have been calls by experts worldwide on the need for healthy eating. This has been a major concern following increasing incidence of diet related non-communicable diseases, especially cancers. Continue Reading