Immunisation Team Leader Diverts Vaccines in Sokoto, Arrested

This is the type of individuals Nigeria must do away with in the health sector. It is rather unthinkable that while donor organizations and individuals are struggling to get vaccines across to Nigerians, some others are diverting same for reasons best known to them.

And come to think of it, this person is a health worker who should know the implication of such diversions on the overall health of the people affected and ultimately that of the nation at large.

Nonetheless, it is heartening to note that the larger majority of health workers are honest, passionate individuals who do their best to reach even the most distant population with needed vaccines. Evidence of this abounds nationwide.

This type of behaviour brings to the forefront a very pertinent question: How can Nigeria meet up with the Sustainable Development Goals if this trend continues?  Too bad for a nation struggling to kick-out polio!

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Samuel Abiona

Samuel Abiona

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