Here is why babies in Kenyatta National Hospital neonatal unit are dying

Reports from Kenya are disturbing because it is about avoidable deaths. This is given the circumstances surrounding the deaths being reported.

According to the Daily Nation of Kenya, 11 babies died just last week from the neonatal section of Kenyatta National Hospital in Kenya. The reason? A suspected bacteria infection – Klebsiella – which is resistant to drugs.

In the report, up to three babies sometimes may share a cot, thus making the transfer of infection from one person to another quite easy.

Also, to feed the children, nurses have to use improvised materials – tubes and syringes that were meant for aspiration – to feed the children, thereby causing them bruises that may encourage spread of infections.

Unfortunately, responses from concerned authorities have been slow, as Daily Nation noted:

“The notes and conversations with the healthcare workers showed a lethargic response by the administration to the concerns raised by the workers on why babies were dying in the newborn unit.
The mortality rate at the unit, according to the draft reports shown to the Nation, stands at 48 per cent, and this is documented daily as required and reported to the administration.”

Please read more on this disturbing story from Kenya on Daily Nation.

Samuel Abiona

Samuel Abiona

Samuel Abiona is a medical doctor by training and a writer by passion. Samuel holds a postgraduate degree in Public Health. He believes that communicating medical knowledge goes beyond writing technical reviews. Samuel thus uses his expertise in public health and health systems research to transmit technical information for both academic and general audience. Please email to contact this author directly or use the contact page and your information will be passed on to him.