Consumption of sugary drinks and 100% fruit juices increase cancer risks, a new study finds.

Researchers have found that large amount of sugar in fruit juices have the potential to increase the risk of developing all cancers among users.

In a nutrition study conducted among healthy adults in France, it was found that regular consumption of fruit juices has significant association with the risk of developing cancers.

The study found that regular consumption of 100mls (about 2 glasses) of fruit juice per day may increase the risk of cancers, especially breast cancer by close to 50%.

It is the first of its kind of a study to find such a strong correlation between the consumption of fruit juices and cancers.

Public health experts believe that the consumption of fruit juices has equal risks as cola in causing cancer.

However, experts also believe that fruit juices are better because they contain vitamins and minerals, which are valuable for the body.

The study was conducted among 101, 257 healthy adults in France.

Read more about the study on BMJ.

Samuel Abiona

Samuel Abiona

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