The more you eat…, the more your chances of dying from cancers.

There have been calls by experts worldwide on the need for healthy eating. This has been a major concern following increasing incidence of diet related non-communicable diseases, especially cancers. Expert opinions converge on the fact that what individuals eat play a significant role in their risks of developing certain chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension and cancers among others.

However, there have been recent calls on government on the need to be more proactive in curbing the menace of processed foods due to the likelihood of the chemicals therein increasing one’s risks of developing cancers.

In the United Kingdom, a senior food scientist and top NHS doctor have joined forces to call for actions to combat the cancer risks in taking processed meat like bacon. They cited what they call “a growing consensus of scientific opinion” that nitrites in processed meats result in the generation of carcinogens believed to be associated with the development bowel cancer.

You may wish to read more on the call to action by these experts on TheSun UK.

Samuel Abiona

Samuel Abiona

Samuel Abiona is a medical doctor by training and a writer by passion. Samuel holds a postgraduate degree in Public Health. He believes that communicating medical knowledge goes beyond writing technical reviews. Samuel thus uses his expertise in public health and health systems research to transmit technical information for both academic and general audience. Please email to contact this author directly or use the contact page and your information will be passed on to him.